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Win User Engagement Extensions from StackIdeas

Win User Engagement Extensions from StackIdeas

User engagement is an integral part of a flourishing website. Encouraging visitors to read, comment on, share and interact with your content is one of the best ways to improve both the user experience and search engine results. This can be a nightmare to implement and administer though, which is where it helps to have some feature rich, solid extensions at your disposal.

Whether you use forums, blog posts, comments or a mixture of methods, our friends at StackIdeas have the perfect solutions. We've just updated our forum to the latest version of EasyDiscuss. Although we use this extension as a forum, it can be used for all sorts of user engagement. For example you could create a question and answer platform like Yahoo Answers, or a review system or even a full-fledged information hub. StackIdeas also produces EasyBlog which powers this page and a fantastic article commenting extension called Komento.

StackIdeas has kindly provided us with three great prizes to help you get started engaging with your website visitors. Here's what you can win:

First prize

Social Professional Bundle
Includes the Professional versions of EasyBlog, EasyDiscuss and Komento. This package is valued at $158.

Second prize

EasyDiscuss Professional
Discussion extension that comes with 5 great themes and has no footer backlink. It also includes 12 months of Priority Support and forum access from StackIdeas. This extension is valued at $79.

Third prize

Komento Professional
Joomla comment system with no footer backlink and 6 great themes. Also includes 12 months of Priority Support and forum access from StackIdeas. This extension is valued at $45.

So, how do you win one of these awesome prizes? Head on over to our forum and reply to the contest post explaining what you would do if you won a copy of EasyDiscuss. What format would you use? What is your target audience? Tell us your story (try to keep it under 100 words) and be creative. The best responses, as judged by our panel of experts, will be awarded one of the three prizes mentioned above.

Terms and conditions
Build a Joomla Website reserves the right to accept or reject submissions based on our own judgment. Entries must be received by midnight Friday, June 28th, EST. Chance plays no part in the outcome. Prizes will be awarded based solely on their merit as judged by our panel.


I appreciate the irony in disabling comments for this post. However to avoid any confusion, and so you can experience EasyDiscuss first hand, entries are to be submitted via the above forum post.

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