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Add some Christmas cheer to your Joomla site

There's a Joomla extension for just about everything and this week I'll show you how to quickly and easily give your site a Christmas feel.

1. Download AG Snow to your computer

2. Install it like any other extension - if necessary review lesson 12 of our free Joomla tutorial

3. In Administrator, go to Extensions - Module Manager

4. Find the newly installed Plugin, AG Snow Module , and click it to enter edit mode. Change Show Title to No and Enabled to Yes. Under Position, just choose any position that exists on your site. Click Save in the top right.

Module details

You now have a nice snow effect throughout your site. That's great if you're in the northern hemisphere but here in Australia we'll be enjoying barbeques and the beach! This module includes several different effects and you can choose this by going back to the AG Snow module and choosing Effect in the right column.

M E R R Y  C H R I S T M A S

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