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Whether You Love or Hate Web Design, I Want to interview You

I am in the process of creating a new course on how to start a web design business. To help students decide if a web design business is right for them, I am including interviews from current and past developers. If that's you, would you like to be interviewed? I am looking for a few people who started their own web design business and love it. However in the interest of balance, I am also looking for those who started and decided it is not for them. Note that this is NOT directly related to Joomla. It is about your experience with web design as a whole.

I am offering a small payment in return for your time.

To be considered, please write to with one of the following subject lines:

If you are or have been the owner of a web design business and you love(d) it, then make the subject "Web Design is Awesome"

If you tried starting a web design business or if you're in one now and you don't like it, make the subject "Web design Sucks"

Then tell me a bit about your web design business background and if I think this will work out, I will be in touch in a couple of days.
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