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In fact, Joomla is a perfect example of how a client-server system can work to provide many different types of services and serve them up to a client as one "package" such as a web page. If a client's browser requests information such as images, text and other media, the server will find that information and send it back to the client's browser.

In the process of looking this information up, the server might go to yet another server to find a CSS file or JavaScript library stored somewhere else. This is how the internet works as a whole now, and this is known as a distributed client-server setup.

If you go to a Joomla site, which you have right now, you are the client requesting information and services through your web browser. The beauty of Joomla is that you don't need to know anything at all about any of this in order to build amazing websites and present your ideas to the world.

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