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Looking for the best in Joomla hosting, extensions, templates and more? 

The sites included here are ones we recommend because in our experience they provide a great Joomla solution. Some of these recommendations include affiliate links, which may generate revenue for us.


  • Hosting

    These days you can host a Joomla website just about anywhere. However, some hosts are more Joomla-friendly than others, particularly when it comes to performance and support.

  • Extensions

    Joomla's greatest strength is also its greatest weakness. There are thousands of extensions, so you'll almost always find what you need. However where should you start? Right here of course.

  • Templates

    The best thing about Joomla is the depth of off-the-shelf templates available. However, where do you start looking? Discover our selection of high-quality Joomla templates.

  • Tools

    The 3 Ps of website design are plan, produce and promote. Build a Joomla website helps you produce websites and here are some useful tools to help you with the rest of the process.

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